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List of school policies:

St Wilfrids SEND Policy

Accessibility Plan
Pay Policy
Performance Management Policy
Uniform Policy 2016-17
Anti Bullying Policy.pdf
Governors Behavioural Standards Policy 
2017 St Wilfrid's RC College Sixth Form Admissions Policy 
St Wilfrid's Admissions Policy 2017-18 
St Wilfrid's Admissions Policy Sixth Form 2017-18 
General notice by school Govenor, Academy Trust member, Director or Govenor or Head Teacher of buisness and pecuniary interest(s) 
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2016 - 2017
Complaints Policy

Complaints policy April 2017.doc 


St Wilfrid's, South Shields - Admission policy 2018-19

St Wilfrid's, South Shields - Admission policy SIXTH FORM 2018-19


Health and Safety Policy

Charging and Remissions template Policy March 16

First Aid Policy