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Operation Encompass Letter for parents

The College is divided into four Houses, with a teacher in charge of each house.

These teachers are responsible for the children in their house with regard to general behaviour and appearance in college. Students will register each day in tutor groups and follow a planned pastoral programme. These are mixed ability groups.

The tutors within a House group are expected to liaise with the Head of House to ensure that effective Pastoral Care can take place. In turn the Heads of House liaise with the Deputy Headteacher in charge of Pastoral Care so that consistent attitudes can be adopted. The four houses in school are Aidan, Bede, Cuthbert and Hilda.

Children meet in these groups for tutorial work throughout their college career.

CREDITS: - are given for achievements or special effort.
DEBITS: - are given for the following: - failure to bring correct books or equipment to class, lack of respect or insolence, consistent untidiness, etc. When a debit is given the child must then complete a Code of Conduct



Year 7
Students will be placed into 1 of 7 teaching groups: S, N, T, W, L, F, & D from the start of year 7.

Pupil group Numbers (Approximate):
S - 30
N - 30
T - 30
W - 30
L - 25
F - 25
D - 10

Total = 180

Information from primary schools (KS2 results and Teacher Assessment) will form the main criteria for student placement. These groups will be reviewed at the end of term 1 and then again at the end of the year.

Year 8
As in year 7 students will remain in their teaching groups. These will be split into two bands: (SNTW) & (LFD). English, Mathematics, Science and Technology/Art apply their own setting within the two bands. Teaching groups and bands will be reviewed at the end of Term 1 and then again at the end of the year.

Year 9

Setting in Year 9 is almost identical to that in Year 8. The key difference is that English and Mathematics teach the whole year group simultaneously and can therefore apply their own setting independently of the other subjects.

Key Stage 4
English and Maths will teach the whole year group at the same time and therefore group pupils according to ability in years 10 and 11.
Science, RE, PE and ICT will still have the pupils in two bands and group the pupils accordingly within each band (SNTW: band 1 & LFD: band 2).
All other subjects at Key Stage 4 will be in separate option groups that are taught at the same time and run across both bands.
Homework will be set and marked on a regular basis in all year groups