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We offer all of the statutory subjects of the national curriculum at KS3. All pupils will start French in Year 7 and more able pupils will commence a second foreign language in Year 9.

In order to consolidate maximum progress in English and Mathematics, all year groups have four hours of each subject on a weekly basis. There is also additional time provided to Science in Years 7&8.

Key stage 3 students consist of year 7, 8 and 9 students who study a range of core subjects across the curriulum.

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All students follow a core curriculum and a number of optional subjects. The core curriculum involves English, Maths, Science, PE, RE and PHSE. Pupils additionally follow one of two routes which contain ‘Optional’ subjects. In ‘Route 1’ students will study a range of traditional academic GCSE subjects which must include MFL and a Humanities subject. In ‘Route 2’ the students will study a mix of traditional GCSE subjects alongside a choice of several high quality vocational courses.

Key stage 4 students consist of year 10 and 11 students who study a range of core subjects as well as chosen GCSE and vocational option subjects across the curriculum.

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We now offer Post 16 provision at St Wilfrid’s and our students are able to choose from a number of high quality A level subjects and relevant Vocational subjects. Year 11 students are interviewed individually by a member of the Senior Leadership Team during the Spring Term in order to discuss their options at Post 16, including continuing at St Wilfrid’s, apprenticeships or attending other FE institutions.

Key Stage 5 students consist of Post 16 students who have decided to stay at St. Wilfrid's and further their education. They are able to study a range of A Level and Vocational courses across the curriculum.

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